Welcome to the official PSM Website!

What is the Privat Server Manager (PSM)?
The Privat Server Manager is a World of Warcraft tool.

PSM is mainly a "Realmlist changer".

It is very useful to switch between World of Wacraft Privat Server easily.

The programm has the following features:

• Create and manage your realmlist database

• Add up to 30 different server with names and comments

• Switch between your realmlists (server)

• Check the online status of your selected server

• Add up to 30 different server

• Clear safty your cache folder

• View your addon folder on one click

• Change the color of your PSM



The following tool works with the wow Patch 3.3.5a
and with Win XP, Win 7 and 8.

Winrar or another "unrar" Program